10 Tips from Judith

10 Tips from Judith

1 Body language counts for 55% to 70% of a speech. Stand tall. Raise your head.

2 Voice variety counts for 20% to 38% of a speech. Vary your voice.

3 Words count for 7% to 10% of your speech. Keep words simple, short, effective and easy to say.

4 The best pace is 120 words per minute. This allows time for pauses.

5 Structure is important. Signal and repeat main points near start and finish.

6 Notes need to be small and not read. Practise: Ready. Aim. Fire.

7 Tell your mind to give you permission to speak confidently: fake it till you make it.

8 Project your voice from your diaphragm. Speak from your mouth not your throat.

9 Open with impact. Grab their attention. Make a point and elaborate. Conclude strongly. (Not with “Thank you.”)

10 Learn the start and finish off by heart to achieve rapport and attention.

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