Public Speaking Advanced Course Testimonials

“Dear Judith,
Your ability to cut to the chase and say the right words at the right time inspire me to improve my communication skills. Your advanced course completed what is a turning point in my life. The skills learnt, the practice gained and the opportunity to confront my fear of public speaking in a safe environment were invaluable to me. With much thanks,”

Stephen Lee-Burman

Business Abunance

“Judith teaches with real passion and engages her students on every level. It is a wonderful course that gets results across all components of the public speaking spectrum.”

Kerrie Lavey

Communications Manager


Testimonial Letters

I would like to sincerely thank you for my increased confidence and skill in delivering presentations.

Students’ Feedback

In a few short hours I struck a bargain with fear, and, despite the continuing efforts of my inner critic, gained clarity and confidence.

Children’s Feedback

I really thought it was good to know what to do and what not to do while speaking to people.

Schools’ Feedback

At Kilbreda, we decided to use your workshops as part of our enhancement/enrichment programme.

Advance Course Testimonials

The skills learnt, the practice gained and the opportunity to confront my fear of public speaking in a safe environment were invaluable to me.

Workshop Testimonials

Testimonials of people who attended Direct Speech public speaking workshop in Melbourne

“Having completed the Beginners Course in Jan 09, I was grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Advanced Course, shortly thereafter. I cannot overstate the positive experiences I enjoyed doing both courses but the Advanced Course was truly an exceptional opportunity to really “fine tune” my public speaking skills. The course was challenging in many ways, theoretically and practically but completing it ensured that what I had achieved in the Beginners Course, finally started to made sense – all of a sudden, things started to “come together” and I felt I’d taken a giant “leap of faith” that was beginning to show results. Both Judith and Phil are excellent instructors and present in an exciting and creative way that is positively helpful and memorable – their “team” approach ensures students feel they are “on side” throughout the Direct Speech journey and they go to great lengths to ensure their students feel confident, have a comprehensive understanding of the skills taught, encourage “change” without fear and ensure personal and professional growth.


I thought I was signing up for a course that would help me improve my public speaking skills for professional reasons, but I actually learnt a great deal more about myself and what I am capable of doing professionally AND personally. In addition to the amazing news skills I now have, thanks to Judith & Phil at Direct Speech, this was an unexpected “gift” and one I am also deeply grateful to have received. I commend Direct Speech and strongly urge those wishing to improve their public speaking skills to enroll and participate in their exceptional courses – you will not be disappointed. Thank you Judith and Phil for sharing your amazing insights, awesome skills and for believing in my potential. It was a privilege to learn from you both – I look forward to keeping in touch and participating in further courses in the future.”

Donna Aranyi

Donor Development Manager, The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation, Melbourne

“Having done the public speaking introductory course, I was starting to feel better about speaking, but felt that another, more advanced course would be perfect for me to continue the journey. I didn’t want to just be able to ‘handle’ public speaking, I wanted to be an effective, powerful and influential public speaker. Now after doing the advanced course, it has absolutely exceeded my expectations and I am very happy to say I have evolved and improved out of sight as a speaker, and can now set my sights on influencing and inspiring an audience and not just handling getting up there and saying something meaningful.

Phil and Judith’s passion for the subject, excellent course structure, effective opportunities to practice and excellent feedback tips has come together to give me the skills that can change my life. For this I am eternally grateful and would recommend this course to anyone. Anyone can benefit from this. I would challenge anyone to do this course along with the first course offered, as the two in combination, give excellent results, plenty of opportunity to practice and improve in a relaxed and supportive environment. Thanks again for your courses, passion and encouragement, especially after my last speech I feel excellent about moving forward to improve even further and use these skills readily in the future!” Sam

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