Be Ready for your next IELTS Exam

Be Ready for your next IELTS Exam

So, you want to go to a university in Australia! However, you need to jump a hurdle: the IELTS exam. How are your English skills? Your listening skills? Your essay writing? If you have any doubts about your ability to achieve a 6/7, then you need my help.

The secret to succeeding is practising with the sort of topics your will get. Judith Field has those skills and she has had years of successful candidates , now happily graduated from university.

There are definite ways to improve your pronunciation. Listen to TED talks and listen to ABC radio. Those speakers speak well. They pronounce their words correctly and they make sense, in good, correct English. Judith Field is both an English teacher and public speaking teacher.

So, get in touch. Pass the IELTS and sail into university in Australia.

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