Public Speaking Testimonials

We have had an amazing journey since 2010 and have received tons of awesome testimonials, feedback and suggestions. Here’s the compilation of some of the best testimonials we’ve received.

Dearest Judith,

great to hear from you. I do have some news about next year and I will not be at Siena as I have been appointed as Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching at Galen College in Wangaratta.

I can honestly tell you that this appointment would never have happened if I had not met you and completed the public speaking course with you six years ago. You made a huge difference in my life and likewise for my sister Michelle and the many Siena student leaders who were lucky to work with you at our student leadership days.

I am hoping that you will continue to work with our student leaders in the future but I do not know at this stage who my replacement is and what they will put in place for next year. I think the announcement will be made soon and I will definitely be advising them to book you.

As soon as I know who has the job I will forward their contact details to you so that you can speak to them in person. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you Judith and I wish you all the very best for 2016 and the future. I really hope that we will keep in touch. Marie

“Hi Judith. I just wanted to thank you for all of your help. Speaking in public is something that I have feared since a very young age. Entering into the Miss Universe Australia they have the mandatory dreaded question from the judges. After just having only two one on one session with you there was such an improvement, in not only my self confidence in speaking in public, but my ability to put together an amazing answer/speech. The one thing I will never forget that you taught me is to paint a picture 🙂 I have now progressed to the Australian national final. So I will absolutely be following you up for some more sessions to hopefully take out the nationals. The skills that you have taught me at our public speech lessons are skills that I will take with me through life. Thank you again for your help Judith” Amy

Finalist in the Miss Universe


Testimonial Letters

I would like to sincerely thank you for my increased confidence and skill in delivering presentations.

Students’ Feedback

In a few short hours I struck a bargain with fear, and, despite the continuing efforts of my inner critic, gained clarity and confidence.

Children’s Feedback

I really thought it was good to know what to do and what not to do while speaking to people.

Schools’ Feedback

At Kilbreda, we decided to use your workshops as part of our enhancement/enrichment programme.

Advance Course Testimonials

The skills learnt, the practice gained and the opportunity to confront my fear of public speaking in a safe environment were invaluable to me.

Workshop Testimonials

Testimonials of people who attended Direct Speech public speaking workshop in Melbourne

The techniques that I gained will hold me in good stead for the future and add to my confidence.”
“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and Judith’s skills kept us ail involved through out the day. It’t a shame that not more MHPE volunteers were able to attend.”
“I had a fear of public speaking but found with a few techniques this fear can be managed and overcome.”
“It should be a two day session and be an integral part of MHPE training”
“A good experience and I came away with a good feeling.” MPHE

Australian Government Department of Veterans' Affairs

I appreciated your broad command of the subject of public speaking. You really did work through all of our concerns, offering workable advice and motivating us to try new things. Robyn Kuchel

Secondary teacher

“Hi Judith, On our first night you spoke about public speaking skills being used, when you’re at a work meeting and talking to two others at a social event. This piece of wisdom, made me realise, that I could practice my public speaking skills gained in your mini course weekly and safely, and to hone them long before I spoke formally in a large group. So now I can and will practice, practice, practice. Regards” Nina Hunter

Director, Et-al Consulting & Training Pty.Ltd.

Judith, all I can say is thank you very much for proving some very useful tools for my tool box. I carry this tool box with me everywhere and now I am confident I have a whole playing tool. Thanks again. Thoroughly engaging and personal. Cameron

Wesley College Library staff

I liked the whole day. Actually, I found it very useful and entertaining. I’ve always found speaking in public difficult, but now with Judith’s help, I’m more comfortable. Thank you, Judith Eva

Wesley College Library staff

As one of Judith’s clients, I have participated in about 10 counseling sessions with Judith throughout the year thus far. I can confidently say that Judith has provided me with support, encouragement and the assistance I needed, in particular focusing on regular NLP sessions. Throughout the weekly sessions, we completed “lessons” on goal setting and achieving, techniques to deal with anxiety and lack of sleep, self-confidence, study techniques, relationship issues, dealing with a death in the family and other personal issues. I found that Judith’s experience in NLP complemented her counseling techniques, setting her apart from any ordinary counselor. It is this combination of skills she used, assisting me to change aspects of my life and myself that I was previously unsatisfied with. In particular, through regular affirmations, hypnotism and Judith’s wise words, she has helped me shift my attitude from negative and depressed to optimistic, motivated and content. Judith has made me realise the power of the mind and how people can use positive thinking to reach goals, get through difficult times and possess the ability to dictate the way their lives are run. Judith’s counseling has helped me become the person I want to be at 19 years old positive, happy and motivated in life- hence putting me on the path to becoming a strong, successful and positive adult. I have finally been able to achieve the things I have always wanted to achieve, thanks to the changes Judith has helped me make in my life. I support Judith as a practicing counselor and am thankful to have witnessed her talent and passion in this field of work. EB

In less than two weeks Judith Field was able to fast track me from being a terrified public speaker, to someone that was able to come across as a confident one, who delivered a great speech to an appreciative audience. Due to Judith’s professional expertise, sensitivity and intuitive wisdom I was helped in two short, two hour private sessions, resolving over 20 years of self limiting psychological barriers unblocking the way for a readiness to succeed. I highly recommend Judith as an extraordinary good hearted and practical person, with a god given gift to help people on every level with all issues to do with public speaking, including assistance in other areas of their personal and professional development Christiane

Our national public speaking contest required a skilled public speaking coach to refine the contestants from the state level. After researching the range of public speaking training from around the country, Direct Speech came up as the most adaptable training available, as the skills would be needed in a broad range of settings. Some of the contestants attended Judith’s seminar at the RACV Club, prior to the contest, not knowing what to expect. They came back saying that the content and quality of the delivery had just blown them away. This gave me great confidence in selecting Judith as the contests public speaking coach. Many of the the contestants felt insecure outside of the comfort zones as a result of travelling from interstate and New Zealand. Judith not only was not only able to end their fears about speaking in front of much larger audiences, she gave them the confidence to handle the tough interviews and deliver some exemplary speeches. On the night, the reaction from the audience was fantastic, the feedback came through that contestants had been transformed and that the contest now provided a whole new level of exciting entertainment. Thank you Judith, and thank you Direct Speech. Alexander Kenton Schoeffel

Director, Mr Leather Australia & New Zealand

I did enjoy meeting Judith, and our sessions together. As a result, I feel more confident to move forward with the skills I have learnt, whether it is in terms of presenting and running small workshops, or delivering speeches to larger audiences. Judith is both warm and insightful, which immediately reassures and inspires. Elizabeth Beattie

Freelance Researcher, Writer and Administrator, Making sense communications

I enjoyed the comfortable relaxed setting, where the tasks were both challenging and achievable. Judith made the participants comfortable and her knowledge of the theory was mixed with activities that made the theory “live.” I would thoroughly recommend this course Colette Davis

The course moved public speaking back into my life. It has renewed my focus for what I am moving towards and what I dream of doing. I learned too much to mention here: the relaxed atmosphere; the breadth of information; this course has inspired confidence in myself. I loved the fact that I was not discouraged from using notes. Now I know how to use them effectively. I will miss it next week! Nino Elison

World photographer and entrepreneur

I enjoyed the exercises that enabled us to practice what we had been taught. I loved the tips and knowledge which have now inspired and enabled me to enjoy public speaking much more. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and look forward to doing others. Lisa Barthus

Attending your course made a definite positive difference and I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to improve their communication and speaking skills. Additionally it is a tremendous amount of fun Rosalie Wigdorowitz

Personal Assistant , GMP Financial Pty Ltd

Excellent, clear, practical, humorous, energetic and engaged all participants Christina Aglannitopoulos

Department of Human Services

Such a humorous and talented presenter. Christine

Department of Human Services

Judith made me feel comfortable in front of an audience. She taught with passion and humour. David


Judith was honest, flexible and very switched on to the individual needs of all participants. Sophie Clifford

Department of Human Services

“Hi Judith,
The talk went fantastically! I was pleasantly surprised at my confidence during the presentation and at remembering the hints and tips from your good self! I paused, smiled, spoke clearly and even made gestures! I asked the audience questions and just before my talk a gentleman, in the front, row came up to me and told me of his experience with stroke that was a successful one (because there was quick action taken) and I asked him if he’d like to share his experience which he did. They also loved the story about my friend Carol (this was written on the evaluation sheets) and I held off until the end to tell them how her story ended and how she is today. So all in all it was a very good experience for my first presentation and to such a large audience (around 70 I think) and without any power points as well! I did have a microphone that was a great asset and Megan held up the posters. Looking forward to my next one now!! Warm Regards” Vivienne Mcdonald

Fantastic PD I was utterly dreading having to speak but was very encouraged by all the tips and information presented. The ‘voice in the head’ was such an insight and will be very helpful to me in the future. Thank you! Gina

Wesley College Library staff

Fantastic course. I have never been comfortable with public speaking in my life, from debating in high school to making presentations at work now. Direct Speech shows you how to communicate with a group of people effectively. Judith and Phil are dedicated teachers who allow you to practice the techniques in class, in a friendly, non-judgemental and supportive environment. I really appreciated the feedback! It was also great fun learning public speaking with 4 others in my group. It helped me to learn from each other and to learn that public speaking could be fun Belinda

Like in the add I went in to this course with my head in the sand but came out of it with my head out, I came away feeling very confident and feeling good about the way I presented my speech on the last night, but what really blew my mind was watching the dvd of my self, I was a lot better than I thought Thank you Judith. Bruce

The bits I found most useful were: Advice on introducing a speaker; Advice on the use of Powerpoint; The structures you gave us for presentations. There was a lot of information and I am sure I am not one of your model students. However, the information was well presented and reinforced by the practical exercises. Discussion of the DVDs was done in a very positive and unthreatening manner, which was important. I was impressed by the way you walked the talk. I did make extensive changes to my presentation to the Examination Chairs, which was better received than usual. Manager of VCAA

No-one wants to get up to make a speech and make a fool of themselves. Your workshop is a fun and safeway to learn skills and techniques to prevent this happening. I felt confident the information I was being taught had a sound theoretical framework, was fun to do and was taught by someone who had real world’ experience of speeches and the issues facing people who might need to learn these skills. Saying the very thing you want to say at the exact time you want or need to say it is a very satisfying and enriching experience. I would like to thank you for the important contribution your workshop made to a very successful workshop I had to run. You have an extraordinary commitment and ability to get the best out of people. Thanks for all your hard work and your sense of fun. Carole Arbuckle

The Cancer Council

I learned lots of different techniques on how to overcome fears. You “made” everyone participate, and that is what people fear; you made it fun. Brad Spicer

Horse breeder

I enjoyed the way you put fun into the program, making it more enjoyable and making us feel less anxious. You concentrated on the positives, which made me feel better. The constructive way you ran the course made me feel ANYONE CAN DO IT! Simon Creson

Digital Hive

I learned to be more confident and less self conscious. I really enjoyed the participation with other participants and so much practice Paul Cossington


Over the years I have been fortunate enough to have been able to follow my belief in ‘lifelong learning’, and as such, have participated in a number of sessions by a range of presenters aimed at building my learning to become a better public speaker. May I say that your presentations over the past two weeks have been simply great! Your approach, creativity and clarity have, in my opinion, taken the students on a real learning journey; and one that has engendered confidence to do better. You tailored the material for the task at hand, and encouraged, supported and enabled us to surprise even ourselves. For this part of our learning journey, thank you! Heather Barton AM

Thank you very much for giving the keynote speech and the workshop on Public Speaking at our Annual JLTAV Statewide Conference. The feedback for both of your sessions has been very positive. I am sure that everyone that attended really took home some new strategies to help them with their public speaking and their dealings with other people in their schools such as colleagues, parents and students. We appreciated the time you put into your presentation and look forward to seeing you do some similar sessions for us in the future Pam Spiegel

President , Japanese Language Teachers' Association of Victoria Inc

You are shaken out of your old skin and now glow with a greater presence of confidence. Judith takes your capabilities in public speaking to a new level with care and compassion. The atmosphere she creates is greatly comfortable, where you feel relaxed and free to self express. Onur Ekinci

As a presenter, Judith was open, clear, concise, very friendly and made everyone feel they could speak confidently. Mary


Judith is engaging, informative, challenging. She kept my interest the whole time. Maggie Egan

Department of Human Services

Judith developed a good understanding of the essence of Nutrimetics, enabling Consultants to apply her material directly to their business. Judith was professional both in dress and manner. She presented articulately with clarity, relevance and projected humour and warmth Judith related well to the audience, commanding their attention. Her handouts were practical and applicable. Consultants left her meetings excited and confident, asking for more training from this talented presenter. Sue Onas

Sales Director, Nutrimetics

Fantastic to have audience input in the direction of the workshop. Many practical strategies that were easily integrated. David Duband

Secondary teacher

Judith’s course provided me with a structure and process that I can immediately apply to all presentations. I feel ready and able to present now. Chris Clark

Ford Australia

Judith was an excellent presenter and facilitated the course in a professional, humorous and encouraging manner. Teresa Paola

Holden Australia

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