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What makes a leader? What sort of leader are you? How to lead? When to be democratic and when to be authoritarian? These and other questions can be answered in a workshop led by Direct Speech.
You will gain experience in simulated situations and be asked to think on your feet.

You will get feedback and learn about your leadership style from peers and Judith Field.

As part of her public speaking workshops, Field has developed some practical scenarios to apply to leadership in schools and in the work place.

Contact Field on 0411898711 to find out more.

Judith Field’s Direct Speech runs an awesome mini course in public speaking and presentation skills. It does not take six sessions to learn how to present confidently and clearly. In just three sessions of 2 ½ hours each, you can become a great speaker.

 How do you do that? The techniques that Field uses is quick and effective. Based on her 30 years plus experience as a secondary English teacher, Field can share tips that is memorable, quick and effective. Many learners are visual. The tips are couched in rhymes or alliteration that makes them easy to remember and internalise.

The workshops are practical, participants will be up on their feet presenting to their peers easily and quickly after a few tips. Feedback is both positive and constructive and the modelling helps.  

An outline of the course:

Week 1

Who is here and why?

What is public speaking?

Impromptu structure.

Impromptu practice.

Body Language

Voice Variety


How to prepare.


Week 2

Impromptu practice

Introducing a speaker.

Answering questions

Longer structure

Prepared speeches and feedback (filmed).

Week 3

Feedback on own films

Impromptu practice

Handling nerves

Handing interviews


Prepared speeches and feedback (filmed)

Evaluation of course and certificates

Gift Voucher

Public speaking course as a gift

10 Audio Tips

Listen and learn public speaking


Read about Public speaking

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