Public Speaking and Panic Attacks

Public speaking and panic attacks are closely associated by many of us. In public speaking when anxiety gets out of hand then panic attack may results. At some stage majority of speakers may experience panic attack during their public speech. It is almost impossible to avoid anxiety! But it is possible to free public speaking from panic attacks.

To learn how to speak publicly without fear – check out my public speaking courses in Melbourne now! To control anxiety it is not only to ‘know yourself’ but also to befriend your audience. It is easier to speak to a crowd of friends then to a crowd of strangers. To control your own nervousness you can use the public speaking tips:

  • Relax.
  • Assume success.
  • Be positive about your audience.
  • Have fun.
  • Build experience.
  • Befriend your audience.

Point 1 to 5 is there to control the speaker’s anxiety. It is advisable to have a big breath before public speech (relax). Allow time for a short meditation and think positively. Assume that the speech is a success even before your public speaking is started. While you publicly speaking try to have fun. If you do not have fun doing it then is it worth doing it at all?

Point 6 is there to directly bring the audience on your side. In other words, it is an icebreaker in public speaking. The icebreakers help to relax participants, have a role in building relationships and allow for team atmosphere. Good public speaking and icebreaker lets you have fun. Thus public speaking and icebreaker cannot be separated.

The public speaking training in our Melbourne office will teach good icebreaker methods for your topic.

Some of the general ideas to combine public speaking and icebreaker are:

  • You can ask participants to introduce themselves by their first name.
  • You can ask participants to provide knowledge or opinion about the topic that you are going to present.
  • You can assign the members of the audience into workshop groups.
  • You can even simply arrange the chairs in a circle to create a friendly atmosphere.

The idea is that both you and the audience are at ease with each other. It is your responsibility to interact with the audience, your audience.

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