Public Speaking Techniques-Impromptu Tips

When you get the topic, don’t panic. Relax and start to think till you get an original slant. Make sure you have read the papers so you can refer to topical issues.
Think of how you want to structure it: story, triangle, PPF or spokes wheel.
Think about your ending; it’s almost as important as the start.
Make Up Story
If you don’t know where to take the topic, make up or think of a story.
Avoid lists; you are bound to run out of puff.
Before You Start
Take a breath before you start and say something original: question, shock point or quote, if you can think of one.
Eye Contact
Look the audience in the eye and keep talking.
Use pauses to gain time and ideas.
Practice impromptus often.
Focus only on what you are communicating so you don’t waste energy on the voice in your head.
Involve your audience as much as possible.
Learn some interesting statistic so you can use them, if relevant.
Ask Questions
When you have run out of ideas, ask questions of your audience; it’s sure to give you an idea to continue.
Sum Up
Sum up what you have said. This will give your talk structure and look like it’s planned.
Call To Action
Make the ending strong by a call to action or a positive strong statement in the present tense.
Thank you
Don’t say “Thank you” at the end. Or “That’s it!”
Make a joke if it fits in.
Quote your parents or a teacher for some wise words!
Don’t rush off the platform. Finish clearly and nod. Then walk off confidently.

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