Public Speaking Student’s Thoughts and Feelings

“I found the course informative and practical. Judith’s comments were constructive and fair when I received feedback my public speaking. I feel more confident when speaking in public, especially in giving prepared talks. Judith’s humour, expertise and passion for teaching public speaking were outstanding. I would heartily recommend her minicourse in public speaking to anyone.” Philip Ryan

“In a few short hours I struck a bargain with fear, and, despite the continuing efforts of my inner critic, gained clarity and confidence. At last I can hear my public speaking voice. I have something to say and I will say it with pride. Thank you Judith.” Tina Blackmur

Principal, Write Creations

“Judith Field has helped me tremendously in coming to terms with the power and persuasion of presentation. In helping me find my voice, presence and ease, I have stepped into a world of endless possibility. Her commitment to detail, authenticity and presenting with fun and humour, supports the very confidence I need to just get up there, and do it! Thank you so much! “ Arian Young

Director, Workspace Meditation


Testimonial Letters

I would like to sincerely thank you for my increased confidence and skill in delivering presentations.

Students’ Feedback

In a few short hours I struck a bargain with fear, and, despite the continuing efforts of my inner critic, gained clarity and confidence.

Children’s Feedback

I really thought it was good to know what to do and what not to do while speaking to people.

Schools’ Feedback

At Kilbreda, we decided to use your workshops as part of our enhancement/enrichment programme.

Advance Course Testimonials

The skills learnt, the practice gained and the opportunity to confront my fear of public speaking in a safe environment were invaluable to me.

Workshop Testimonials

Testimonials of people who attended Direct Speech public speaking workshop in Melbourne

“I enjoyed the age variety in the group. I liked not being forced to do things and I felt comfortable about what I was saying. Constructive comments were very helpful.” Collette Davis

“So much improvement in only two days.” Tony

Ford Australia

Miriam Skurnik

“Your enthusiasm for teaching and insightful detailed feedback made all the difference. One of the best in-services I have attended.” Sarah Bakai

Department of Human Services

“Bright, breezy presentations, ability to draw people out; learning by seeing, doing, demonstrating. Thank You.” Diane Rose

Combined Schools Oral language Development

“Without doubt the most informative and enjoyable workshop I have ever participated in throughout my time as a Ford Graduate.” James Curtain

Ford Australia

“An amazing course which built self confidence and skills.” Kirily Holland

Ford Australia

“The course was great for reinforcing skills and structure for public speaking. It was a constructive and positive program for developing our public speaking skills in the areas we needed.” Brendon

“You are a fantastic and very engaging presenter. I have participated in a number of training courses over the years including the Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment and the training that you provided was by far one of the best training that I have ever undertaken. I found the opportunity to put into practice the skills taught of immense benefit and the videotaping a very useful way to get feedback on verbal and non verbal behaviour when presenting.” Christina Agiannitopoulos

Program Advisor / Training Consultant, Child Protection & Juvenile Justice Professional Development Unit

“I only wish I had contacted Judith years ago. Now I can speak up at meetings. I can talk about my time during the Holocaust.” Miriam Skurnik

“The most valuable in service I have every done. So much achieved in such little time.” Alison


“You really made everyone think. Great hands on applicable ideas. We must have you back again.” Karen Lee

Coordinator, Dromana Secondary College

“It’s given me the confidence to stand up and talk.” Carole Sparks

Ford Australia

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