Public Speaking Testimonial Letters

“Just want to thank you again for helping me – I really feel like we got to the bottom of what has been blocking me all this time! It has blown me away that after only 2 sessions with you, everything has become so clear. I found the whole experience with you totally amazing. I think what you are doing for people is wonderful and inspiring and selfless. I will be recommending you to anyone that is willing to come see you. Really looking forward to developing my speaking skills in your course. Thanks so much Judith – this is definitely a date I should remember in my life – a huge milestone!” Emma

“Hi Judith, It was a delight to meet with you last Tuesday for our one on one training session. Thank you sincerely for your warmth, encouragement, analysis of my confidence shortcomings, and the fundamental techniques you taught, which will allow me to speak with confidence and grace as I spread the story of You Are My Sunshine Foundation. Through this experience, you were able to help me get to the root of my doubts, something which I have carried for a long time. Our brief time together covered the very basics of public speaking, the structure of speeches, the importance of body language and voice, and instilled in me the confidence that “I am good enough to do this and I can do this”. I will now build on these skills. With your help, and the guidance of Kahlilla’s little spirit, I can make a difference. Kindest regards,” Jude Donahoo

Sunshine Foundation


Testimonial Letters

I would like to sincerely thank you for my increased confidence and skill in delivering presentations.

Students’ Feedback

In a few short hours I struck a bargain with fear, and, despite the continuing efforts of my inner critic, gained clarity and confidence.

Children’s Feedback

I really thought it was good to know what to do and what not to do while speaking to people.

Schools’ Feedback

At Kilbreda, we decided to use your workshops as part of our enhancement/enrichment programme.

Advance Course Testimonials

The skills learnt, the practice gained and the opportunity to confront my fear of public speaking in a safe environment were invaluable to me.

Workshop Testimonials

Testimonials of people who attended Direct Speech public speaking workshop in Melbourne

“Hi Judith, The feedback from the session was overwhelmingly positive. They have already started using some of those skills in training.” George Halkias

National Street Soccer Coach and Program Development

“Hi Judith, I arrived this am to the primary mental health conference in Canberra. At the registration table they told me I was wanted by a convenor, she asked me if I would introduce / chair a session. I wanted to say hell NO but then you popped in my head saying everything was an opportunity to practice and the knowledge from your course esp those impromptus. I did it and felt reasonably comfortable. After the session I was given loads of compliments about my intro of the presenters and the facilitation of the 2 sessions. So thanks teach. Regards.” Nina

Nurse and Psychologist

“Hi Judith, Things are going better in all departments of public speaking. You are a miracle worker. I would be interested in doing your next course in the future. “ Anne Nunan

“Hi Judith, Since completing the course with you…I don’t get anywhere near as nervous about speaking in public. I was able to get up in front of a group of business women and tell them about the business (at that time) I was about to set up. It was only for a minute or two, but I felt quite capable. Plus it was on the spot as I hadn’t attended this meeting before. I had to quickly put something together. I also spoke in front of 40 teaching staff at a Christmas send off. I feel a lot more confident with speaking in groups to be calm enough to string some sensible words together, rather than getting completely tongue-tied, nervous and feeling incapable or worse, being unable to contribute at all, even though I had something to say. I am really proud of myself Judith, honestly I have had such a fear of public speaking in the past…I’m thrilled that I have made this progress.” Jenny Schutze

“Dear Judith, I don’t think I have ever had a more powerful experience and am truly grateful to you for helping me.” Marie Salinger

Director of Programs, Siena College

“My time with Judith Field has been invaluable. The skills that I have learned have not only enabled me to advance in my career as a marketing manager, but also in all other aspects of my life, including my personal relationships. Judith has a gift, a natural talent to read and understand people. The techniques she uses helps each individual to build upon their strengths and transform their weaknesses to become confident and self assured, equipped with all the necessary tools to make anything possible. After only three sessions with Judith, I now feel confident enough to speak with clarity, trust my inner voice and communicate effectively. I have become aware of the importance and power of strong communication skills and I know I will continue to grow and develop with the skills she has taught me.” Ida

“Recently Volunteer West employed the skills and talents of Judith as part of our “Youth Speak Out!” program – an exciting initiative designed to increase rates of volunteer participation amongst young people in the municipality of Brimbank. Judith’s workshop was fun, vibrant and dynamic and she had the participants enthralled. Judith has an uncanny ability to bring people (even the shyest of people!) out of their shells in a relaxed, warm environment. We would with great pleasure engage Judith again for future workshops and would gladly recommend her to others seeking an engaging, enthusiastic trainer. “ Cameron Glover

Manager, Volunteer West

“Hi Judith, Your course is fun, effective and personal – a great combination. I have prepared and given a small speech this week and managed to work consciously throughout it with pause, pace and a eye contact. Great to put your tips into practice!” Alison Potts

Regulatory Manager, Swisse Vitamins Pty Ltd

“Hi Judith, I would like to sincerely thank you for my increased confidence and skill in delivering presentations. I have learnt a great deal from the tips and strategies throughout your course and from the work we have been doing together. I really do appreciate what you have taught me. I had to deliver a presentation at a conference last week, around the work I undertook in my Master of Education (Special Education, Inclusion and Early Intervention). It all went exceptionally well and the feedback I personally received was great. People said they found it interesting, inspiring, it flowed well and the best bit of all was that I didn’t say ‘actually’ once. Thank you Judith.” Wendy Roberts

Acting Team Leader, Quality and Sector Development

“Dear Judith, Thank you for helping me realise I really am a powerful presenter. Your guidance and insights have been invaluable and my presentation at the AMSA Life in the Real World Seminar was a tremendous success. So much so that someone thought I was an experienced public speaker!!! What else can I say? Thanks.” Chris Guy

Avant-Garde Financial Services

“G day Judith, Public speaking is going great! I had an Engagement party last weekend where I got up in front of everyone no worries. Something I thought I never would have even thought of doing before. Cheers” Alex

“This is the third year I have been involved in Judith’s public speaking workshop and have found it to be an extremely rewarding experience. The students’ confidence just over 3 weeks grows enormously. And the skills they learn they carry with them and apply them in other areas. An example of the effects the public speak has had, was after our first group of grade 5s experienced the workshop. At the start of the next year, during house meetings, the grade 6s and year 8s had to prepare and say a speech about themselves if they wanted to be house captains. Because of the rich experience the grade 6s had had, all teachers present commented on the speeches the grade 6s delivered compared to the secondary students. I would highly recommend the public speaking workshops for all students- and teachers- as a teacher I still have lots to learn!” Carli Kawlasky

Malvern Central School

“Dear Judith, We were delighted with how the session went both when we were there and the second half as reported by people. Everyone was very positive about it.” Cathi Lewis

Insight Publications

” …Just wanted to let you know that all your hard work at our school is starting to pay off. Today we had speeches for house captains and in the house I am in it was, it very obvious how much more skilled the children from grade 6 were than those in year 8. Well done and we look forward to having you here again.” Miri Epstein

“Hi Judith, Rod’s speech at the Opera in the Roses event on November, was absolutely FANTASTIC! It was the BEST speech I have seen him give in two years….clearly, your support, guidance and teaching made a huge impact and it showed….he seemed so relaxed and as a result, his delivery was silky smooth and the 500+ guests were absolutely engaged….it was a pleasure to watch and hear him speak, a HUGE improvement so congrats to you for being such an EXCELLENT teacher! “ Donna Aranyi

Donor Development Manager, The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation Melbourne

“Dear Judith, Thank you for everything. I am very confident with direction where I have to go first – to improve my basic English. You opened my eyes on things I’ve never knew before, I mean basics of Public speaking. You are the best! I was enjoying so much time with you and made new friends because of you…so, THANK YOU! Peace and Love” Sergei Golovko

Australian Percussion Academy

“Hi Judith, Last night went amazingly well. Found my groove very quickly and had many positive comments and praise from colleagues and parents (who are unaware of my secret!) Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement. I actually feel confident that I have conquered my fears! “ Rhonda

“Hello Judith, Thank you for your inspiration. I have found your words and methods quite useful and logical. Thank you once again.” Kerry-Ann Lucas

“The Direct speech public speaking course was good fun. Judith has the wonderful skill of making people feel comfortable and overcome some of the anxieties and concerns related to public speaking. I greatly benefited from the course and would recommend it to anyone who has issue around public speaking. “ Cornelia Brune

Many thanks Judith for your valuable input and guidance with the preparation of my speech. Your relaxed and fun approach to the presentation skills workshop has help me immensely with my confidence and aided in a much more polished performance. Feed back from the audience was very positive. I greatly appreciate the fact that you were able to assist me with one on one training on such short notice. I wish you every success for the future. Senior Man in a Large Bank

“Hi Judith, I thought your seminar was great. We felt we got a lot out of it. It was pretty confronting, and took us out of our comfort zone, but it was the best seminar we both attended during the conference. I don’t really enjoy standing up in front of other people and did feel really nervous but felt the constructive feedback was beneficial. I thought the way you explained the how the afternoon would progress was good, it gave a clear understanding about what was to be achieved. The props were useful and a good ice breaker for many of the activities.” Nicole

“Hi Judith, I spoke to Cathy last night who had got a lot out of the day. She was amazed as to how simple tips implemented can make such a difference. I hope they are all enjoying the course as much as I did.” Sasha Thomson

School Financial Policy Coordinator, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

“Dear Judith, I would like to say thank you for your guidance and support, you provided me with a great structure and platform to do a professional job of TWC Master of Ceremonies. I have been overwhelmed by the compliments and positive feedback, you prepared me so well that I am the MC for next year. Thanks again” Terry White


“Hi Judith, Your course is experiential education at its best: transformational in its effect. An intuitive person by nature I knew from reading the article in the Age and speaking to you by phone that your course would be important for me. But it still took 14 months to actually get myself through your door. The very notion of being willing or able to “give a speech” has been one of my unthinkable thoughts. At 15 I was so shy that when waitressing at a hotel I tried to put the food on the table, and disappear in such a way that I didn’t have to look at, or speak to the diners. At 18 I was still trying desperately not to be seen as I pulled beers behind the bar. You don’t have to be Einstein to see the inherent challenge in that. My focus up till now has been on interpersonal relationship and writing. I returned to study in the early 1980’s but found that even though I could read and discuss in depth the course material I simply couldn’t allow myself to write. I had support but simply couldn’t “go there”. I became a chef instead of a priest. This deep and persistent resistance to knowing and saying what I know is rooted in the violence of my childhood. I learned not to think, not to feel and definitely not to know (thou shalt not be aware): To freeze under threat, to be mute. Trapped within my self Screaming in a soundless void. I wait for It or You to pass. I did not return to study until 2005. The struggle to find my “voice” has up till now been pursued through writing, which still resembles something like pulling teeth-resisting the dentist until it looked like I’d lose the tooth. If I wasn’t in the “Career Change Program” I would probably not still be at University. Having the freedom in your course to work on what is important to me has been fundamental to my success.” Kate Luxfoed

“Dear Judith, I would like to let you know how much I enjoyed, and also how much benefit I gained from our sessions. You instilled a courage and a confidence in me that enabled me to speak before a group of young adults, on a very emotional and personal topic. This is a task I could not have possibly attempted before. I actually had a fear of raising my hand at a meeting, just to ask a simple question, now I find myself not only asking a question, but, expressing an opinion as well. So, the only regret I have, is that our paths did not cross sooner, and that I missed so many opportunities in my life, when making a “statement”, or saying something about a subject that was close to my heart, I remained silent. Thanks to you, hence forth, no more silence. You have given me the confidence to stand up, and speak. Thank you one more time.” Miriam Skurnik

“Dear Judith, I delivered the short presentation to the 200 odd people last weekend…. It went well. No glitches! It took a moment or two to slip into the grove for it, but once there it flowed nicely, and the message was heard! I was congratulated by work colleagues who had seen me slip at the first 200 person work event that I did about 3 months ago. That was encouraging.” Brendan Kellyl

Property Invester

“Dear Judith, Thanks again for your visit and the workshops. The one with the students was very much appreciated. I had many students tell me how much they had appreciated it and several parents commented how much the kids were impressed by it. High praise indeed to get second hand praise from parents. We will certainly be looking positively to a future visit.” Marion Drummond

“Dear Judith, Last night a teacher was approached by a parent after her presentation and he asked if she had done a public speaking course!!! He said he had done a 2 day course himself and could see that her presentation was professional!” Ella Blesofsky

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