The Power of the Pause

The Power of the Pause

Most speakers do not pause enough. It’s usually due to nerves. They want to finish as quickly as possible. They do not get the fact that when they go too fast and do not pause to let their audience think or feel about the point just made, they can lose their audience.

Pauses serve several functions.

They allow the author to get his/her breath back.

They allow the speaker to look at his notes, in silence!

They allow for an emotional moment to be felt by the audience.

They let the audience know that the speaker is about to start another point.

How to ensure you pause.

When you write your speech, do not write in paragraphs. Write from pause to pause.

You speech will almost look like you are writing one sentence paragraphs.

Once you practise, pause at every break.

It will sound too slow.

It will sound weird.

However, I can assure you in the 16 years since I set up Direct Speech, I have trained 1000s of people. Only one person paused too much; one.

So, when you want to be memorable and for the audience to enjoy your speech, pause often and pause well.

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