Public Speaking Workshop – June 2011

“Dear Judith, We found the workshop highly valuable and the manner at which you connected with us was full of empathy and kindness. Your humour made the workshop enjoyable and we all walked away with a new set of skills. We felt more confident after the workshop and more prepared than ever to speak proudly and use our body language to fake it till we make it! Thank you Judith.” Jessica Leslie

Community Support Worker, GlenReach Rehabilitation Service

Public Speaking Workshop 18 April 2011 Men’s Health Peer Education Evaluation

12 people on the course from which 7 responses were received.

1.What was the most valuable aspect of the public speaking workshop:

  • Removing negative thoughts and replacing with positive ones
  • Constructive comments from Judith
  • All valuable
  • Presentation aids to speech making
  • Use of what was being taught, practical putting it into practice.

2.Do you feel the workshop has helped improve your Public Speaking skills:

  • Some improvement: 2
  • Some – a lot of improvement: 2
  • A lot of improvement: 3

3.Suggestions on how to make public speaking workshop better:

    • Some preparatory information before hand
    • Wider coverage
    • Four people said it should go for 2 days
    • Workbook should follow session, got a bit confusing

4.About the length of the day:

      • About right: 2
      • Too long: 1
      • Too short (2 days): 4

5.How did you find the presenter Judith Field:

      • Very good: 1
      • Excellent: 6

6.Other comments on public speaking workshop:

      • Some specialists time on weakness
      • Judith enthused participants to strive for greater self improvement
      • 2 day session would be better for speaking in front of class Public speaking session should be part of MHPE training
      • Good experience and came out with a good feeling
      • Can we have other courses like this to extend our knowledge

Judith Thanks for such a great day everyone enjoyed it and it was too short !

Bill Hector


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I would like to sincerely thank you for my increased confidence and skill in delivering presentations.

Students’ Feedback

In a few short hours I struck a bargain with fear, and, despite the continuing efforts of my inner critic, gained clarity and confidence.

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I really thought it was good to know what to do and what not to do while speaking to people.

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At Kilbreda, we decided to use your workshops as part of our enhancement/enrichment programme.

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The skills learnt, the practice gained and the opportunity to confront my fear of public speaking in a safe environment were invaluable to me.

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