Kids English Public Speaking Training Courses in Melbourne

Judith Field teaches Kids English Public Speaking in Melbourne, Australia. Her training method is unique, affordable and proved to be efficient. Among the students who take the course in public speaking here in Melbourne, there are business people, corporate executives and individuals.

Judith Field’s Direct Speech is a unique company. Focusing mostly on schools, businesses and individuals, Direct Speech has mesmerising messages and techniques to increase the confidence of participants.

Based on 30 years of teaching and 14 years of running her own business, Judith Field knows how to make public speaking almost easy and effortless. Tips are quick and memorable. Applications are practical and doable. It only takes three workshops to shift most students and adults from where they are to where they can be.

Field’s clients include 140 schools around Victoria, primary and secondary, private and state. She is quickly able to assess who to push and who to go gently on. She uses toys and props to help the workshops move quickly and engagingly.

Field also works one-one-one. Here the individual’s needs are considered carefully and listened to. An individual schedule is worked out to help the client succeed in the request for help.

Her text Speech Matters has been universally adopted by her schools and individuals. Full of activities, cartoon and tips, those who have bought it, rave about how easy it is to use for students and themselves

Field is available to run workshops at your business or school. She also sees clients privately. The Mini Course workshops are three sessions over three weeks.

As an ex teacher with three degrees in education, many years’ experience as Head of English at Mount Scopus College and one of the founders of King David School, Field has a myriad of experience and techniques to help anyone.

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Upcoming Courses

Each one of the public speaking courses and workshops is for people who want to improve their oral confidence and competence from students to corporate executives. They are conducted in Elsternwick and Templestow. Click and Check out courses schedule.

Public Speaking Tips

Public speaking tips are there to personally help you with public speaking training. There has been numerous academic papers presented to the public about public speaking tips. However, public speaking is mainly about you – the person who presents the topic and not about Science.

10 Audio Tips

Judith prepared an exciting audio for people willing to improve their public speaking skills. Would you like to listen to 10 Audio Tips on Public Speaking? The public speaking tips are not a rigid framework because each speaker is different.Check out courses schedule.

About Trainer:

Judith Field is a public speaking Melbourne trainer for students and teachers in primary and secondary schools, her expertise and humour combine to provide valuable, informative and entertaining seminars.

Do You Need Public Speaking Skills?

Most of my clients take a course in public speaking (Melbourne) because:

Need to conduct a private or corporate event
Career opportunities depend on public speaking skills
Children have problems that hold them back from success
Business requires new skills in public speaking in Melbourne
Personal development is not fulfilled without skills to speak in public
Hi Judith, It was a delight to meet with you last Tuesday for our one on one training session. Thank you sincerely for your warmth, encouragement, analysis of my confidence and the fundamental techniques you taught, which will allow me to speak with confidence and grace as I spread the story of You. Our brief time together covered the very basics of public speaking, the structure of speeches, the importance of body language and voice, and instilled in me the confidence that “I am good enough to do this and I can do this”. I will now build on these skills. With your help, and the guidance of Kahlilla’s little spirit, I can make a difference. Jude Donahoo

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Speech Matters is a practical guide for Year 7-10 students on how to speak anywhere, anytime with confidence. It meets a need that is not met by any other text, as it combines theory (quick and clear) and practice (lots). Both students and teachers will find the book easy to use, and it covers a huge range of topics and types of speeches from basics at Years 7/8 to the curriculum demands of Year 9 and 10.

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