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Many young people would like to get into private schools on a scholarship or to gain entry to the select schools: Melbourne High, Mc Rob, Sir John Monash, Berwick Secondary or Susan Carrie. The tests are on students’ skills in English and Maths. Direct Speech gives students one-on-one coaching for scholarship preparation and select entry.

The English Scholarship exam preparation component includes: comprehension, creative writing, persuasive writing, verbal reasoning and vocabulary. Field can raise the standard of your son or daughter and increase their chances of entering one of these schools successfully. Indeed, many of her students have either gained scholarships or select entry.

Although entry cannot be guaranteed, your child’s chances of success are greatly increased by Field’s methods. She is aware of the type of topic sent and helps students to plan and write better essays and answers.

Sometimes there is also an interview, especially if a student just misses out. Here too, years of experience in public speaking, will ensure your child interviews well.  

Our Clients


…a number of the boys made very favourable comments on the presentation and how it helped them to understand what is expected of them in terms of presenting themselves to an audience, structuring their speech and maximising their opportunity to improve their marks by aligning content and presentation.

Camberwell Grammar

Dear Judith, Thank you very much for your always marvellous presentation, many students and several of the staff came up to me to say how good it was.

Urszula Horbacz (Balwyn High School)

Judith runs a great course. She was very positive and specific about what I was doing well and what I needed to improve. I feel much more confident now. I recommend her to anyone.

Shelley Brown

Your ability to cut to the chase and say the right words at the right time inspire me to improve my communication skills…

Stephen Lee Burman

“Judith teaches with real passion and engages her students on every level. It is a wonderful course that gets results across all components of the public speaking spectrum.”

Kerrie Lavey

An amazing course which built self confidence and skills.

Ford Australia

“The most valuable in service I have every done. So much achieved in such little time.”

TAC (Transport Accident Commission)

Hi Judith, Your course is fun, effective and personal – a great combination. I have prepared and given a small speech this week and managed to work consciously throughout it with pause, pace and a eye contact. Great to put your tips into practice!

Alison Potts (Swisse Vitamins)

Judith, all I can say is thank you very much for proving some very useful tools for my tool box. I carry this tool box with me everywhere and now I am confident I have a whole playing tool. Thanks again. Thoroughly engaging and personal.

Cameron (Wesley College)

Thanks for being so thoughtful in your response, Judith. I absolutely adore working with you and feel you are an essential part of what we do. Your discipline, your love of your area of expertise and our shared understandings make your visits a highlight for me. You’d have to travel far to find someone who has more respect for what you do and what you are. Unfortunately, I have financial constraints and other pressures. Sufficeth to say(!), one of the best parts of coming to MGS has been meeting you. I plan to keep our relationship going as long as you’re willing.

Cheers, Paul

Feeling stressed about delivering a high-quality speech to esteemed patrons, I needed help. So, I contacted Judith Field who has trained our opera singers for over 15 years. Having someone as patient and skilled as Judith to support me through the process was transformative. Judith encouraged me to stay focused on quality work and her constant reassurance made all the difference. On the night my speech was confident, clear and I did not feel as nervous as I thought I would.

If you ever need assistance or encouragement in public speaking, Judith Field the person to contact.

Thank you, Judith.

Stacey Melba Trust

For more information, contact www.directspeecch.com.au

Or ring Judith directly on 0411 898 711

Or drop her an email at: judith@directspeech.com.au

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