How to handle bullying

How to handle bullying

Bullies are in the school ground, in the work place, in the home and on the street. If they are in your life, you need to stop them as they will keep doing it and make your life Hell.

So, how do you block bullies? Evelyn Field is an expert and a leading psychologist in this field. If the bullying is serious make an appointment with her.

However, if it’s just started, follow the ideas set out here.

The main thing is to fake that you are not afraid. Up to 70% of our communication is in our body language. So stand (or sit) tall when they pick on you. Smile, as if it’s a pleasant conversation you are having.

Use humour not smart ass replies to unnerve them. For example, if you are on a school bus and the bully demands you move to another seat, you might say, “No, thanks, I’ve already warmed this seat up.” Do not try to answer in a “frowny” and smart Alec way.

If the bullies are at work, try to record it and get help from the people who are your bosses. If they dismiss your claims, get in touch with your union. The thing you need to say to the bully is: Stop treating me like this. Treat me with respect or I’ll report you.

Bullies are usually putting on a front. The more your body language, words and clear voice tells them to stop, the more likely they are to stop.

Be assertive, not aggressive and never look scared.

I can help too so get in touch with me.

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